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April 15, 2013

My Little Book of Landforms *FREEBIE*

Last week we set out to learn all about the types of landforms. After seeing some posts from other teachers on volcanic eruptions and such, I'm feeling a little bit lack luster (sigh).But if my kids don't know how *uncool* I am I guess it's all good! Needless to say, my kids learned a lot and had a fun time making our landforms craft on Friday. You know it's good when you hear "This is SO cool!"


I desperately wish I could share with you the template and the printable labels we used, but unfortunately, both came from our grade level AIMS magazines which, of course, has a copyright. But I thought this would be a great visual if you wanted to take it and make it your  own.
  I had a parent pre-cut and trace all the parts. We started by gluing the ice caps onto the dark blue background. Next, came the mountains (dark brown), valley (grassy green), desert (tan), light brown (plains), blue (ocean). We  put a label saying "My Earth has ______" on each landform. The kids thought this flipbook was beyond cool! They couldn't wait to take it home and show it of.
 Here's a picture for all the anchor chart lovas out there! We recorded our schema (on Monday) and new learning throughout the rest of the week on this anchor chart.

Each day we talked about a different type of landform and used this {FREEBIE} to help us out.

 Lemme break it down for you: in this freebie, there is a glossary to write down the definition of each type of landform. ALso included are pages for each type of landform where my kiddos wrote down 3 facts using these sentence starters: ______'s can, _______'s have, ________'s are.

Once we covered each type of landform (all 5), I had them decorate the cover with an illustration of their favorite type of landform we learned about.  Head on over to my TpT shop to download this freebie. In it I have included a blank glossary and a blank facts sheet in hopes that you may customize it to fit your teaching needs!

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