July 21, 2017

PB&J Partners

Need any easy management tool for when you use "turn and talk" in your classroom?
PB&J partners are a great way for your students to know exactly who to talk to during a discussion.

Click on the picture above to download it for FREE! 

July 17, 2017

Tracking Class Dojo Behavior

W O A H.
It's been a hot minute since I've posted. 
Now that I'm officially over the mid point of summer, I've started thinking about the new school year.
On my mind lately has been how to update my behavior system in my classroom.
So let's talk behavior management.

Over the past six years I've tried many different things.
I started with the clip chart. Hated how the same kids always moved their clip...never making a difference. Visual smisual. Didn't work. Same kids always visited the treasure chest blah blah.

So I came up with a ticket and folder system. Students earned different value tickets for daily behavior. They saved the tickets and cashed them in on Friday's. Much better than a clip chart and treasure chest but still hasn't been doing it for me. The "put your folder on my desk so I can sign it" was doing nothing.

I decided to try something completely new this year. Class Dojo. I've had a few coworkers try it and LOVE it.  They praise how involved the parents are in communication to their child's daily behavior. So this year we are giving it a try. 

I decided I wanted kids and parents talking about their behavior daily, whether it be good or bad. Here is the freebie that came out of my vision.

Each student has a folder they take home. In it they will keep a Dojo Behavior tracking chart.

Each night, they will discuss their points earned and record them on this tracking chart.
I have set a goal for them to obtain 12 points by the end of the week.

Here is a parent letter I am going to send home explaining the point "system".

If they reach their goal of 12 points by Friday, they will get to pick a pass.
{Passes are in the works and will be released in my TpT store soon!}

Students will also have the ability to reach a long term goal of obtaining 100 points! On Friday, we will spend 5 minutes of our time coloring in our weekly points on this tracking chart. 

Once students have hit their 100 points, they will get to pick an "exclusive" 100 point pass!

Have you used Class Dojo? Do you have any ideas, pointers, cautions?
Please share below, I'd be happy to hear from you.

Don't forget to grab the freebie which includes all the examples from this post by clicking -----> HERE

June 1, 2017

End of Year Beach Party and Awards

Well, we finished up a week ago. Another close to another year.
We had a great end of year celebration and kick off to summer.
Completing 1st grade is a HUGE accomplishment for a 7 year old.
They don't realize it, but there is SO much we throw at them in this year of their education.
Celebrating their hard work is always an emotional roller coaster, for this teacher, and their parents.

So to "lighten" the mood, this year we decided to turn our buckets into an all out beach party!

Displaying IMG_2344.JPG

Everyone had a part in decorating for our awards ceremony and celebration.

During writing, the kids wrote about what they saw themselves doing this summer.
They illustrated their writing within the glasses and drew their faces.
They were our "summer eyes". I used this to cover our whiteboard. 

Displaying IMG_2339.JPG

I also buy buckets from the dollar store every year. Inside, each student gets the following:
Scholastic book (I use my points)
Ready Made for 2nd Grade pack (find it HERE)
Extra supplies (glue, crayons, pencil)
Candy bar (from candy award)
Pillowcase keepsake (read more HERE)

My room moms were a great help in getting things together!

We had plenty of food for our beach party.

Displaying IMG_2343.JPG

We had these precious cupcakes (Pinterest inspired) and put our drinks in an inner tube.

Displaying IMG_2340.JPG

More beach party snack food...

Displaying IMG_2342.JPG

Displaying IMG_2341.JPG

I purchased and had several blow up items donated including 2 blow up palm trees, dolphin and a parrot. The kids LOVED these!

For our awards, I made a boardwalk for them to walk down to receive their awards and bucket, similar to a 'red carpet'. It was simple to make out of colored butcher paper. 

Table skirt for their buckets and awards was found at Hobby Lobby.

Displaying IMG_2338.JPG

We had a great time celebrating all of their hard work! 
Time to enjoy summer!

May 16, 2017

End of Year Gift Ideas and FREE Tags!

Are you trying to put together some quick and easy end of year gifts?
Need a cute gift tag to attach to your gift?
I've got you covered.

Included in this freebie are gift tags for parent volunteers, classroom helpers, substitute teachers, staff or team members. Please click on the picture below to be taken to my TpT store to download.

But don't leave yet, here are ways I have used the sayings included on the tags in gifts I have given out in the past. 

[Note: They are not the same gift tags as the ones included in the product. Pictures are from years past]



Grab anything ORANGE (lip gloss, gum, Sunkist drink, etc.) and attach the tag.
This is my go to last week gift for my team just to help get us through to the end!


I went to Walmart and found pots, packages of Thyme and a package of mints. I glued ribbon around the pot and stuck everything inside. I used this as a gift for my parent volunteers and room moms.


In the past, I have attached a similar tag to a bottle of hand soap or sanitizer from Bath and Body Works and given it to my classroom volunteers who help out throughout the year. 


You know there are those subs that make sub plans and being out that much easier.
Thank them for helping you out this year by attaching the tag to a subway gift card.

Happy gifting and end of the year!

May 1, 2017

Head Hunters Sight Word Game

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw me post this picture.

It's nearly the end of the year and we've learned all our sight words.
Here's a fun and easy way we practiced them!

We played a game I named "Head Hunters" to review our sight words.
It's super easy to make and did I mention it's loads of fun too!

To Make (Labels):
Type up sight words onto labels (I used Avery 5160 template in Word).

To Make (Recording Sheet):
Simply type up a class list with a blank space beside each student's name.

To Play:
Now that you have your supplies, stick one label to each students head.
Yes, stick it to their head!
{They may have thought I was crazy when I walked up with one on my head.}

Pass out recording sheet. Students will walk around and read the sight words on each classmates' head. They will read the word to person and then record it on their paper.

Once completed, they may take their sticker off and place it next to their name.

Here we are in action!

This game can be made to fit any list of words or any class size.

Happy word hunting!

April 19, 2017

Grab the Egg FREEBIE

If your kids are still talking about hunting eggs then I've got another freebie for you!
I mean, who gets tired of egg hunts anyways!?
So if you still have a bucket of eggs laying around, grab them and fill them!

First find this FREE activity in my TpT store!

Second, fill the eggs with the double digit addition and subtraction problems. 
Next, hide the eggs and unleash the hunters.

Last, have them open the egg, solve the problem and record it on the included recording sheet.

You can used this as practice or a pre/post assessment.

In case you missed my last post, it had A N O T H E R free egg hunt activity.
Find it HERE!

April 17, 2017

Got Eggs? Turn them into a Game with this FREEBIE!

Do you have a few extra eggs floating around your room now that Easter is over?
Great! That's all you need to throw together this quick and easy grammar review game.
I'm sure your kids have perfected their egg hunt strategies and will love this activity.

First you will need to download this FREEBIE <------click here

Then you will need to find 3 buckets/baskets/cups (whatever you have) and label them: noun/verb/adjective

Cut out each word and stuff it inside an egg.
Hide the eggs around your room.
Students will have to find one egg, open it and read the word inside.

Gather together as a class once everyone has found an egg and read their word.
Students will take turn reading their word and placing it into the correct "Easter basket".
If their word is a noun...it goes in the noun basket.
If their word is a verb....it goes in the verb basket.
If their word is an adjective...it goes in the adjective basket. 

We are going to use this as a review before we take an assessment for report cards.
I have also attached the assessment if you would like to use it as well.

Hope you have some hippity-hoppity fun!

April 7, 2017

Flashback Friday: Look at That Cute Bunny!

We are hopping into a lot of fun learning next week!

The cute story, Bunny Trouble, lends itself greatly to the discussion of plot, specifically problem and solution. 

We got a little creative with our response to reading, because who doesn't love to decorate eggs!?
Especially when it was such an important part to the story.

What you need:
1 sheet of manila
1 sheet of white paper

How to make:
Fold manila into fourths and trace one egg.
With paper still folded, cut on traced line, making 4 eggs.
Fold the white paper like a book.
Add title to the cover.
Write problem and solution on 2 manila eggs and glue inside the white paper.

Students will summarize the problem and solution from the story under the correct egg heading.

Just like the bunnies decorated eggs in the book, students will get to decorate the 2 remaining eggs and glue them to the cover.

Monitor comprehension and allow creativity at the same time!

April 5, 2017

This Week in Phonics, OUCH and a FREEBIE!

I love when learning lends itself to cute little memory tricks like this one we learned last week.

In phonics, we learned about the sound 'OU' and called them our "ouch words".
I was astonished at all the words they came up with....on their own...on day 1!
We recorded our brainstorm on a band-aid anchor chart to anchor our learning.

I found a cute poem in Shel Silverstein's book of poems called Band-Aids.
Precious poem that talks about a boy who uses band-aids just because he likes them.

We wrote down why we use band-aids on our 'What Makes You Say OUCH!' paper.

The following day, I had them choose 4 things from their paper that made them say ouch, and we turned them into an 'OUCH' poem...the the shape of a band-aid of course!

To top of our week of OU words, students will go on a word search with the books in their book box and find as many words as they can that follow the phonics pattern. 
This helps me to understand who grasped the phonics pattern and who doesn't.

Students who find words such as "should, could, would, trouble" obviously need a re-teach.
I'm hoping all the connections made to the real world really anchored their learning!

March 20, 2017

Back from Spring Break with a FREEBIE!

Today we returned from spring break...even though it was still winter....talk about confusing!

You know as every student walks in they can't wait to tell you about that one great moment that happened over the break. They ALL have those moments! That's why I created this freebie for you!
The very first thing we do the day we return from spring break is write some "Spring Break News".
They pick their most favorite thing they did all week, write about it, and illustrate.

We sit in a circle with our papers and share all about our break (briefly, some would talk all day)
 with everyone.
Pick up this FREEBIE by clicking H E R E.

March 6, 2017

WIN a Year of Scholastic Printables for FREE!

What do teachers love more than Scholastic Book Orders!?
Well there's not much, but did you know they also offer other resources?

If you've never heard of Scholastic Printables, they give you unlimited access to thousands of activities, lesson plans, skill sheets and more!

I love using it if I need something quick for in-class practice or homework.  I can log on, search for what I need, and print!  It definitely saves me time and money!  The classroom resources are created by teachers and vetted by Scholastic. 

We've been studying American symbols and Scholastic Printables has been a great resource to turn to. 

Their site is very easy to use. I was able to type in "American symbols" and 3 pages worth of resources were at my fingertips! You can also search by grade level, theme, or even reading levels.

We completed this symbols book from Scholastic together.

Next, my students still wanted to know more about the Bald Eagle. So we watched a few education videos, read a few books and I had them create this eagle puppet I found on the Scholastic Printables website.

We glued the template to a paper sack and they recorded facts about Bald Eagles on the back. 

Ready for the B E S T part!?
You could WIN a FREE 1- year subscription to Scholastic Printables.

Follow the guidelines below on the Raffelcoptor.
Giveaway ends March 9th. Winner will be chosen March 10.

 Want to find out more about Scholastic Printables?
Check out their many social media accounts:
Visit the Scholastic Printables official website.
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*This is a sponsored post. I received a free subscription to Scholastic Printables in exchange for writing this review.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.  

March 2, 2017

Giddy Up, Texas Style!

Texas, our Texas...how we love learning about our state!
Rodeo season is in full swing and we've got our boots cleaned and ready to learn.

Our poem of the week is one of our favorites and I find them reciting it subconsciously throughout the week. Catchiness as its best!

We kicked off the week learning about all the symbols of our great state.
Some we already knew and some we didn't.

L is for Lone Star is a fabulous book that taught even this devoted Texan things I didn't know!
After recording our schema and new learning, we made a flip-book with 3 of our favorite symbols.

Each day throughout the week we dove deep into talking about 5 important symbols.
We read about them, asked questions, and recorded facts in our Texas Symbols book.

{You can find this in my TpT store}

On the day we learned about Bluebonnets, I taught my firsties how to make their own!

You can too:
Fold a white sheet of computer paper in half.
Color the top half blue, bottom half green on BOTH sides.
Cut the blue into small strips.
Roll at a diagonal and tape.

Themed books about our state are always fun to read. 
Here are a few we practiced making connections with.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly--There Once Was a Cowpoke Who Swallowed an Anth

Little Red Riding Hood--Little Red Cowboy Hat

We did a little comparing and contrasting with 2 stories this week too. 
Most of my kids knew the story of Cinderella.  I had them retell the story out loud for those who didn't. 
So we compared it with this laugh out loud story: Bubba the Cowboy Prince---a MUST read!
 We compared the 2 stories in a Venn Diagram boot and made it look a little fancy-shmancy!

In writing, we've explored the 5W poem this week during our poetry study. 
It answers the questions "who, what, when, where, why"?
We wrote a class poem about an armadillo together and they got to be the illustrators. 

Then we brainstormed ideas/animals/people that represented Texas. 

They chose one to write their own 5W poem about. 

We also wrote 5W poems that describe ourselves. Grab this FREE template in my TpT store!

During our grammar time this week we reviewed adjectives. It just seems that these little words won't stick in my firsties brains! A sign to the teacher...I need to use it more ; )

We colorfully decorated these big ol' boots.

I gave them 3 sticky notes to describe their boots and glue at the bottom. 
"bold"   "vibrant"   "pretty"

To top it all off, we celebrated our week with FOOD! Our state dish of course....CHILI!
I'm always SO shocked when some of my friends tell me they've never had Chili!!!

To incorporate writing, we made the chili together and then wrote a recipe for them to take home!

After our taste test, we again, used adjectives to describe our Chili.

{Click on the picture for a FREEBIE}

I hope you found some Texas sized ideas to add to your Texas sized vault!

Many of these activities and more can be found in my Texas unit in my TpT store!