December 3, 2014

Elf Antics and Ideas for your Elf

Do you have an elf who comes to your classroom?
Of course you do!
Here are some of the antics our mischievous classroom elf was up to last year.
He decided to get stuck in our "stuck on a word strategies" wall and literally needed help!
After spending the day stuck, he was awfully tired and napped all day long.
Look who found our Band-aid stash!
He loves to read too!
Showing his Polar Express enthusiasm! 
We didn't have any new sight words this week so he decided to make up his own!
He must think I have a good class. A compliment goes a long way!
Trying to make us laugh at our class picture! What a funny guy.
Showing us his love for reading! 
A little TP never hurt anyone!
His last day message to us...
I can't wait for him to make his appearance sometime this week!


  1. I was lucky enough to win an elf for my classroom last year and I am excited to introduce him to my new class of first graders! I'm not exactly sure how to go about it this year, though? Last year all of the information was supplied to me by the Elf on the Shelf website. How do you introduce the elf to your new class each year?

  2. My school doesn't allow us to have an elf in our classroom which is so disappointing! It looks like so much fun!