February 18, 2016

A Month of Love, Activities and Freebies!

Love, kindness and all those warm fuzzy things.
That's what this post is made of...oh and freebies too!

Who doesn't love hugs and kisses? Yes, the candy!
I was just so curious, so we held a class taste test during math one day.

Students got one of each type of Hershey candy and decided which they liked best.
We graphed our results and made a class pictograph.

Hugs won by a landslide!
We turned our pictograph into a bar graph and analyzed the data.

After our taste testing we put our writing and crafting to work.
We thought about what it feels like when we get real hugs and kisses from our family.
Do you like {people} hugs or {people} kisses better?

"I like getting kisses because I like to give them right back."

All of this is a freebie from Cara!

This time of year, I find that we get to get a little "too comfortable" with our friends. 
We've become sort of like a family.
So we discussed what it looks like/sounds like/feels like to be kind.

My goal is to display kindness (and patience, Lord give me patience) as well.
Each time I notice kindness being spread in our room, I plan to acknowledge it by writing the students name and their kindness trait on a sticky note and display the note around our chart!

My goal is for every student to have one by the end of the month!

Not only are we expressing kindness for our friends and school family, but for our family at home as well. An expression of love is always cherished!

We made these simple little books of reasons why we love our family and delivered them in hopes of getting a smile in return. Smiles=happiness : )

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We decided that we also like to feel loved.
So we discussed what things make us feel loved.

Then we read about one of our favorite characters, Splat the Cat, and realized he felt loved too!
So we put two and two together!

And after all this, don't forget the REAL reason we are able to love one another...

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