March 23, 2016

We ARE Learning Tomorrow...with an Egg Hunt of Course {and a FREEBIE for you!}

Do you have a few extra eggs floating around your room?
Great! That's all you need to throw together this quick and easy grammar review game.

First you will need to download this FREEBIE <------click here

Then you will need to find 3 buckets/baskets/cups (whatever you have) and label them: noun/verb/adjective

Cut out each word and stuff it inside an egg.
Hide the eggs around your room.
Students will have to find one egg, open it and read the word inside.

Gather together as a class once everyone has found an egg and read their word.
Students will take turn reading their word and placing it into the correct "Easter basket".
If their word is a goes in the noun basket.
If their word is a goes in the verb basket.
If their word is an goes in the adjective basket. 

We are going to use this as a review before we take an assessment for report cards.
I have also attached the assessment if you would like to use it as well.

Hope you have some hippity-hoppity fun!


  1. Fun post LIndsay! I love this idea and thank you for the great freebie!
    Deb at Fabulously First

  2. OH! What a fabulous idea! I had the biggest smile on my face thinking about the kids hunting the words and sorting by parts of speech. Thanks for sharing!