July 29, 2016

Organize Your Sight Words

So I saw this cute caddy at Michael's on sale before school let out and knew I HAD to have it.
After spending the summer in Africa then creating my heart away, I figured out what to use it for!

Organizing my sight word flashcards and word wall magnets!

First things first, everything needed to be color coded.
So I trashed all my old flashcards and bought new colorful index cards. 

Then I decided to break down the list given to us by our district.
I chose which words I wanted to introduce for each week throughout the school week.
I typed them up and printed them out. 

{Find the template HERE to download for FREE}
Note: uploading to Google docs so that the template is editable will not support the fonts I used

I wrote the words on index cards to match the colored paper and put them into the corresponding box from inside the caddy. 

This caddy holds them all!
I just placed my papers into plastic sleeves and laid them on top of the colored boxes. 

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