January 16, 2017

Up Feet, Down Feet, Antonym Feet FREE Lesson

How do feet and antonyms collide you might ask?
Easily, just ask Dr. Seuss!

Left foot, right foot.
Wet foot, dry foot.
Low foot, high foot.
Are you catching my drift? This book is a fabulous introduction for teaching antonyms!

After reading, we make a class anchor chart for antonyms.

(Sorry for the glare. Chart is laminated so I can reuse again next year!)

After making our chart, I took out the 24 feet, each with an antonym written on it and laid them around the room. I must have really confused my kiddos because I got "Why are you putting out bananas?".

Yeah, they may look a little like bananas!

Each student had to pick up one foot, read the word, and find the other student who had a match to make a pair of antonyms.

If you would like to add this activity to your grammar collection, head on over to my TPT store.
I have put it together as a FREEBIE for you!

We also made a bigger than life size feet anchor chart for our learning.
So we took it a *step* further (pun IS intended) by tracing our feet.

Each pair of feet will have a pair of antonyms.

I have a feeling that won't hardly forget antonyms!

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