February 1, 2017

This Book is Important

Teaching main idea to first graders is hard.
Here's a book I stumbled upon that made the concept so much easier for my kids to understand.

The Important Book takes one "thing" and tells what makes it important. It also lists details to describe it too. It then tells again why it is important...much like main idea!

To start off, my students and I completed 2 pages out of the book together, discussing what was the most important part (the main idea) and how we knew that (the details).

I made color copies of the pages in the book, because who has 5 copies of their teaching books!?
I put my kids in small groups and gave them each a page to read. They had to figure out the main idea of their page and what details they learned about it.

We shared our findings and they totally got it!

If you don't have this book, add it to your collection asap!
Happy reading : )

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