November 26, 2017

Christmas with STEM

So there's been quite a few days that have passed since my last post.
This year has been unusually different than the past 6 that I've been in the classroom.
Like I S T I L L don't seem to have it altogether AND it's DECEMBER!

But anyways, since it's the Christmas season, I wanted to share with you a fun activity we did during the last week before Christmas break last year...because we all know it's survival of the fittest!

My kids L O V E activities that show off their creativity and imagination! 
I found a few ideas and came up with a few more that involve STEM activities that are Christmas (or holiday) centered. . 

The product includes directions for 4 STEM activities and the items you will need to put together the activities. 

Challenge #1 and 2:
Solo Cup Christmas Tree
Santa's Parachute 

Challenges #3 and 4:
Gingerbread bridge
Pipe Cleaner Trees

These 4 activities will keep your little engineers engaged during the month of December. 
In fact, I save mine until the very last day of school before the break and they work their little tails off (who would have thought)!

STEM challenges included are:
Build a Christmas Tree out of cups
Make a parachute for Santa
Build a bridge for the Gingerbread Man to cross
Build a Christmas Tree out of Pipe Cleaners

Each activity comes with pictures, directions, station cards and a list of supplies.

Set up is easy. So download this pack, grab your supplies and get started!

Find it in my TpT store HERE or by clicking the picture above!