October 25, 2012

Trick or Treat!?

Who has eaten way. too. much candy this week?? That would be me! Haven't even been trick or treating but I did take a trip down the candy isle while grocery shopping and those darn pumpkin spice hershey kisses just happened to find there way in my cart.  I am a sucker for everything pumpkin spice flavored!

Since I have no kids and won't be going trick or treating next Wednesday, here is a cute little craftivity that plays off of the 'trick or treat' saying. I found this super cute idea over at Doodlebugs Teaching and added a writing portion to go with it.


I'm going to have the kids write 4 clues about themself:
1. Are they a boy or girl.
2. What color hair they have.
3. Something they like to do.
4. A favorite of theirs. 
They will illustrate what they look like and then cover their picture with a 'sheet' to make thier diguise as a  ghost!
Click on the picture below to download the question printable.
We've been studying all about spiders this week. Here's a peek at what our learning looks like.
We recorded our learning on a KWL chart.
 We put alot of what we learned into a spider booklet.
 We wrote spider facts.
 Drew a diagram of a spider and labeled it.

And wrote an acrostic poem using words that describe spiders.
We also put what we knew about spiders into a spiders can/have/are chart. 
We used the organizer to create a friendly spider art activity and sandwich poem!
Click on the picture below to download the organizer.
Tomorrow is FRIDAY and storybook character day at my school. Can't wait to see just how cute my kiddos look!


  1. Do you have a pattern for the people under the sheets?

    1. I do but it is in paper format, not digital format. Try just searching for a body clipart image!

  2. This is adorable...I am going to put a photo under the sheet! ;)