November 20, 2012

Turkey Time in Pictures

Gobble, gobble! It's turkey time and 1 day until Thanksgiving. This is one happy girl right here {I have a whole 9 days off, counting weekends of course} to eat, sleep, and watch football!  Last week was CR-to the-A to the -ZY and that's why I have been MIA.  But, I have been working hard on December units (smiles)!

Last week we went turkey crazy. Here is a peek at our week in pictures!

 Family Turkey Project
 Turkey Domino Fact Families
Turkey Fact Family Craftivity
 Word Family Turkey Blends
 In all of last week's craziness, I totally forgot to take pictures of our 'how to cook a turkey' writing and our Thanksgiving activities and crafts {sad day}. I did however, take most of my activities from my "It's Thanksgiving!" literacy and social studies thematic unit. It's still on sale on TPT if you want to pick it up for next year. My kiddos loved it and so will yours : )

Get excited! Next post will be all about Christmas, gingerbread, and reindeer!


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