September 20, 2013

A Peek at Our {First Real} Week

 We finished up our place value unit with a few games. This one is called "Roll & Record". Super simple...roll a 'dice in dice' and record the number in the box. Draw a picture using tens and one to represent. Talk about a hit!
This week we were alive and kicking! It was our first time to fully implement our daily routine `meshed together with our reading group rotations and we totally *rocked* it out! Y'all, this teacher was SO proud of my firsties and how well they handled the transition.

We dove into matter this week. This experiment was such a great way to show how matter takes up space. They were amazed by how the water moved! Oh the little things in life!

We began our skip counting unit too. Most of my kiddos are pros at counting by tens so I decided to challenge them a bit with a cup stacking challenge! HUGE hit!
****Post with freebies to come next week!

 Here's how we practiced our skip counting by 2's. I will definitely need to leave these up for awhile. Good thing they are all clean!!
Be on the lookout next week for a post dedicated just to our practices of skip counting with lots of freebies!
Enjoy the much deserved weekend!


  1. I love your skip counting with socks!! What a cute idea :)

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  2. Looks like lots of fun in your room this past week! Have a great weekend!

    :) Tamra and Sarah
    First Grade Buddies

  3. Love the cup stacking activity! That will be fun to try out!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade