September 27, 2013

Forget Hump Day...It's Friday!

What's all the excitement about "hump day" for anyways? Isn't Friday much more exciting!? You get to take a looksee back at what you accomplished (or lack there of) and forward to the weekend!
Here's a few things we accomplished this past week:
I had my students create a rhyming flipbook for a simple assessment. I thought this was too cute not to share! Disregard the spelling...take a look at that "kish" picture! Priceless!

I love teaching making predictions! It's so fun to stop in the middle of text, have student's predict, then come back and meet at a later time to share predictions and find out the ending.

Scares me to death that some of my littles still don't know their letters and sounds. We practiced matching uppercase and lowercase letters when we met in reading groups this week.

What's not to love about money when you're a kid? It's so fascinating! We talked about a coin a day and glued these cutesy poems in our math journal afterwards.

I'm an aunt!!!
Introducing Miss Brooklyn Elizabeth. After 3 few hours of sleep Monday night, this stubborn girl had this teacher dog tired come Tuesday...well worth it though!


  1. Congratulations on becomming an Aunt! What a precious and adorable baby!

    We had 7 year olds last year who still couldnt say the Alphabet correctly, it was shocking! Some children just struggle more than others. Keep trying, it's all you can do.

    Best wishes,

  2. And you have made my baby fever so much worse! :) She's adorable! Congrats auntie!

    Flying High in First Grade