October 22, 2013

Addition with a Number Line

If you haven't heard the word, one thing that really...no I mean REALLY...gets kids excited to add is a life-size number line. Of course that is with a little help of the teacher playing it up like it's a big ol' deal!
Today, we did just that. It's as easy as butcher paper and a marker.
I modeled first by standing on a number, moving a certain number of spots, and stopping on a number. After a few kiddos went through the motions, we added in our addition vocabulary..."If we start on 8 and add 3 more our total is 11."
When doing this activity, make sure to express the importance of immediately moving to the next number when counting on. Sometimes the kids like to start counting with the number they start on instead of moving with the first number they count.
My Little Book of Addition Strategies
In this freebie on TpT from Team Fannin, there is a page that is dedicated to the strategy of using the number line to add. We glued this bad boy in our math journal and ran through a few practice problems together. 
We are rockin' and rollin' our mission of addition!

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