October 8, 2013

October {THROWBACK}: Bats

There is something about themed units that just get my little heart excited! And it makes me SO sad to say this year we have a new scope and sequence to follow. WAAAA! So, many of these fun activities I will be parting with, but had to revisit them to share the fun I had last year with you...in hopes that you may take something away!
The second October throwback post is dedicated to the bats!
Does this time of year make your kids batty or is it just mine!?
We started our unit off reading a few non-fiction books about bats and filling out a Bats Can-Have-Are chart.  They then picked 2 facts from each category and made their own can-have-are chart.  
I also introduced the concept of labeling to my firsties using this 'Parts of a Bat' chart.  I showed them a diagram of a bat in a book we read and talked to them about all the different and interesting parts of a bat.  I then had them help me label the parts. We also drew our own diagram and labeled the parts but....let's face it, my drawing is horrible and isn't blog-worthy!
We have been talking all about story elements the past few weeks. I chose to read Stellaluna to my kiddos because I just love the book...such a sweet story. 
We broke down the book and talked about these story elements: character, setting, problem, solution, and main idea. I had them make a little craftivity to go with it.
On one side the had to fill in the characters and setting.
On the opposite side, they wrote the problem and solution.
And when they walked in the next day they saw this:
You would have thought I won a teacher of the year award or something y'all! They were beyond excited about their bats hanging upside down from the ceiling.
This year, I changed up the bat activity. Yes, every time I read Stellaluna they all are familiar with it. So I decided to choose another batty book.
We read Bats at the Library and made this craftivity describing the characters and setting from the story.
Hope you enjoyed the batty goodness of this post. Be on the lookout for creepy crawly critter post soon!

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