January 25, 2014

Flash Blizzard=Flash February Freebies!

There is nothing more crazy than Texas weather!
Yesterday we had snow and ice and today we have highs in the 60's.
**Talk about a flash blizzard**
{Picture from my backyard}
This was just enough damage to declare a "snow day" and cancel school. 
I can't even begin to recall a time when this happened...so I figured we should celebrate!
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A few weeks ago I gave away a flash freebie and had a great response to it.
 So I've decided to try it again with all....yes ALL of my February units!
Here's how to play:
1. Follow me on Instagram (see above)
2. Be on the lookout for the freebie announcement
3. Follow the link provided to download the freebie.
4. Be quick!
5. Leave feedback
Here's what to be on the lookout for.


 The fun will start later today and continue over the next few days.
Hope you are able to snag something!

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