January 6, 2014

Plenty of Penguin Ideas and Printables

In January, we love, Love, LOVE to teach about penguins. They aren't icky or gross like the spiders we study, creepy or spooky like the bats...so it is much more enjoyable to teach! Who doesn't love to learn about cute, cuddly penguins and watch them waddle!

 I've been working on {my} perfect penguin packet that I know my firsties will just swoon over!
This full unit is jam packed with first grade skill work for phonics, reading, poetry, writing, grammar, social studies, and some fun activities as well!

ELA Printables:
 Penguin Pals ABC Order
 Playful Penguin Punctuation
 What Can Penguins Do? (verb practice)
 Iceberg Noun and Verb sort
 Cocoa Contractions
 Assorted Penguin Long Vowel practice
Story Elements (made to go with any fiction book about penguins)




 Social Studies Printables:
Penguins can/have/are chart
 Label that Penguin
 Where Do Penguins Live?  (world map)
 Penguin fact/opinion writing craftivity
All About Penguins book
   Penguin Trivia (facts about penguins recording sheet)
   3 facts and a fib (recording sheet)
   Penguin types (fact recording sheet) {4 types} 
 And my favorite part of all:
Throughout the 2 weeks that we study penguins, we put together this book piece by piece.
It includes a penguin trivia page, 3 facts and a fib, and 3 informational pages to record facts about the different types of penguins (Emperor, Chinstrap, and Rockhopper...and a blank one).
 Writing Printables:
How to Make a Snowman creative writing
 If I Was a Penguin (creative writing prompt) {2 choices}

Fun Activities:
Penguin Pie (ice cream activity)
 Word Search

 Enjoying our Penguin Pie!
We have such FUN with this unit that I would love to share the fun with one lucky person!
Leave a comment sharing your favorite part of January AND your email address.
Thanks to all of you for playing along. I actually chose 6 lucky winners! I appreciate you all!
If you don't win, check it out on sale in my TpT store!


  1. I love penguins too. I always read the Tacky books in January. nl_scannon@seovec.org

  2. I teach a penguin unit every January. Adding this would make it SO much better. Ms.Boccalatte@iTeach.org

  3. My favorite part of January is seeing my kiddos again. It seems like forever since I have seen them. I love to teach about penguins...but I also do a unit on Jan Brett in January.


  4. Today was our first day back and my little ones were all happy to see each other. Being from northern Canada we have the snow and the cold weather. First we visit the North Pole and discuss polar bears and then we visit the South Pole and discuss penguins. I enjoy teaching both themes but the waddling black and white penguins are my favourite.

  5. Sorry, I forgot my email address. It is mmatwick@bcwireless.com

  6. We are teaching penguins this year for the first time! This looks adorable! Thanks for all the great ideas! kristi.neill@edgewoodschools.net

  7. I would love this as I beginning my first penguin unit this coming week, if it warms up enough to have school! My favorite thing about January is seeing students come back from winter break ready to work! They are older and are ready to tackle reading and math,
    I love it! Mackenzie.jane.oakes@gmail.com

  8. I love warm fires in the fireplace at home! At school I love the coziness of the room....sometimes the cooped up feeling gets to us .... but watching snow fall outside is so fun!
    And I'd be lying if I didn't say SNOW DAYS! :0)

  9. Ooopppps ....forgot email!


  10. How cute! This would be great for the penguin unit I plan to do in the next two weeks! It's all ready for me! Slane@siu.edu

  11. I'd love to pass this onto the Grade One teacher at my school. Hope you pick me!
    My favourite part of January....my three boys are all born in this month. Such a blessing!

  12. I love coming back to newly recharged first graders. The break is good for them! I have done a penguin unit in the past and the children love it. In fact; a few years ago our District Superintendent walked in while we were all on the floor creating life size penguins. She got down on the floor and helped a group finish their Emporer Penguin! FUN! would love to incorporate your pack in my class... cindermom3@aol.com

  13. This is SO cute!! I just love that little egg fact booklet! Pinning a bunch of this :)

  14. I am so very happy that I found this unit pinned on Pinterest! I start my penguin unit in 2 weeks and this unit is just the refresher I needed for my current boring unit!! Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to help us all become better teachers! My email address is pmortson@gmail.com.

  15. I am so very happy that I found this unit pinned on Pinterest! I start my penguin unit in 2 weeks and this unit is just the refresher I needed for my current boring unit!! Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to help us all become better teachers! My email address is pmortson@gmail.com.

  16. Favorite part of January is seeing my surroundings turn into winter wonderland :)


  17. My favorite part of January is teaching my first graders all about penguins. The children always love learning about them. Your penguin craft is adorable! I believe otherwise, January, is my least favorite month - too cold and dark.

  18. This is really cute!

  19. January is really cold where I live, so teaching about animals that live in cold habitats -- penguins, polar bears, seals etc. This unit would be a great additional resource. Evrmoi21@gmail.com

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