February 6, 2014

An OCD Teacher on Organization

Let's face it...I've diagnosed myself with OCD.
{Organizational Control Disorder}
I may have made it up, but it describes me completely!
My students have a folder that they take home and return daily.
It has a place for notes, small books, and graded papers.

For the past 2 years, they have unpacked it each morning and put it in a silver basket.

This leads me to put them in alphabetical order, stuff them, and pass them back out during packup.

Not to worry, that problem has been solved friends....
with a black crate and some tabbed folders.
Each kiddo will now file their folder by their "magic number" each morning when they come in.
No more digging.
No more organizing.
No more last minute terrors.
If a student leaves early, grab and go.
If a late note comes, stuff and go.

This OCD teacher could not feel more organized and simplified!

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