February 3, 2014

Behavior, Ducks, & February...Huh??

I know my kiddos truly are sweet...deep down inside.
But that's not always true around "hyped" up times of the year.
Such as the month of Valentine's day (or so it seems).
So what do I do to keep them their sweet little selves? Call in the ducks.
Yes, call in the ducks!

Not only was it the VERY first thing they noticed when they walked in this morning (they are like hawks I tell you) but that was the very first question out of their mouth.
"Why are their ducks on your desk?"
Here was my game plan.
Whenever the ducks (aka the teacher) saw someone who was on task any time throughout the day and making good choices, that duck would come join them at their desk. The duck could move back to my desk at any time, or to another friend's desk if they were making even better choices.

The best part...if the duck was on your desk at the end of the day, you get candy from the candy jar
you get a "super student" ticket for the day!

{If you want to learn more about my ticket system click HERE.}
It seemed to work like a charm today. As we ease closer to Valentine's day, I'm hoping the idea will withhold its magical powers.
Who ever knew spending $1 on ducks at Target could be such a brilliant idea!

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  1. Love this idea! Hope it works wonders in your class!!!