March 5, 2014

The Brave Cowboy

Rodeo season is in full swing here in Texas!
We LOVE to celebrate our state. We dedicate a whole entire week just for our love of Texas.
I wanted to share the most darling of books with you that a team mate shared with me.
It's about a brave little cowboy who imagines doing big rough and tough cowboy things.
What's neat about this book are the pictures.
The illustrator draws what the little cowboy is actually doing in black.
In red, he draws what the little cowboy imagines he is doing.

 We had a discussion on things we actually do throughout our day and things we imagine that we could be doing. We recorded our thoughts in red and black just as the author did in the book.

They had a ball y'all!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Mrs Griffith,
    I loved this book and still do. "The Brave Cowboy", the 1st book I would read repeatedly and I would request it read out loud to me over and over. I also loved and read “A Cowboy And His Friend”
    It is hard to believe people actually campaigned to ban this sweet little book. It was written at a time when western theme TV shows and major Hollywood films featured these exact subjects.
    Thank you Mrs Griffith for sharing this wonderful book by “Joan Walsh Auglund”

    With Kindest Regards, C.D.@ Austin TeXas