March 25, 2014

What's the "And Diesase"?

The And Disease.
Sitting down during writing conferences I have noticed and influx of "and" being used in my students writing AND it is driving me crazy AND I finally decided to address it AND it went like this.
I asked one student if she would allow me to model a lesson using her paper. She agreed so I read it aloud to the class putting major emphasis on the word AND when I read it in her story.
When I read it they {laughed and laughed and laughed}! 
They thought I was crazy for using the word AND so many times
Their response "That's a lot of and's Mrs. Griffith".
I modeled to them what can be done with the word AND.
We crossed out the word AND then added a period in its place.

.  They were surprised when I told them that --they-- were actually the ones who were consumed by this disease! I had them go back and edit their papers for the "and disease", capitalization and punctuation.
We came up with a solution: When we reread our stories and find that we have the "and disease", we will erase the word and add a period in its place.
Problem solved, hopefully!



  1. It must be contagious because my class has it too! Love this idea!

  2. I love that you reposted this idea. I used it last year and restarted it at the beginning of the year. I kept sneezing this morning and one of my students said "I think you have the And Disease.