April 24, 2014

Fun with All Kinds of Measurment

We've been all caught up in our measurement until for the past 2 weeks.
I would have to say it has been my firsties favorite yet!
Here's a peek at what went down in our room.
Day 1-3:
We discovered length and recorded the definition.
Activity 1: Using a strip of paper, the students had to cut it into 3 different size pieces and order them from longest to shortest.
Activity 2: The following day, they had to measure the length using paperclips and cubes then record their measurements.  
Activity 3: Students had to find 3 different objects inside their desk and order them from shortest to longest. {I love how my babies use their phonetic spelling "sizer". Precious!}


Day 4:
We used Michelle Hudgeons' measurement freebie and measured with flipflops!
 Day 5-6 
We learned all about weight.
Activity 1: We measured different bags of objects using cubes with scales.
Activity 2: I actually brought in a scale and measured how much each student weighed. I wrote it on a sticky note and gave it to them. We then put them in order from lightest to heaviest! They loved comparing their weights with each other. 

Day 7-8
We measured area.
Activity 1: We used Cheez-itz to create our own image and calculated its area. Of course we got to eat the Cheez-itz afterwards!

This book is a GREAT read for introducing all the different ways to approach measurement.
A MUST have for your math book stash!

There are SO many fun hands-on ways to learn about measurement. Leave some links to your blog posts on measurement activities below. I would love to 'pin' more great ideas to use next year!

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