April 15, 2014

Teaching Adjacent Vowels

If you read my blog you know I'm a sucker for anchor charts and make one every chance I can get!
We started learning about adjacent vowels the last few weeks so I knew I had to make an anchor chart to go along with the great video we've watched (and begged to watch) almost everyday!
If you haven't showed this video to your students and you have or are going to teach adjacent vowels, this video is too cute and gives a great visual example of what happens when there are vowel pairs in a word.

{Picture will take you to YouTube video}
We read the story The Kite from Days with Frog and Toad because it has many words with vowel pairs in the text.
My kids always love to hunt for word patterns in books from their book box.
That's just what we did. They had to find at least 4 or more words with adjacent vowels.
They wrote them down on kite tails.
They then designed their own kite and added their words. 
We added the words that actually followed the vowel pair patterns to anchor charts which we hung in the hall beside our kites. It was high flying fun!

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  1. Cute kites and I love your anchor chart. I think that kids love cute anchor charts too!
    Fantastic First Grade Froggies