May 5, 2015

I Love You Because...

Mommies are such special parts of  our lives!
From cuddles to coaching, she is always there (mine included).
I want my student's mommies to feel extra special this year.

I found this adorable idea on Pinterest and could not pass it up because I know if I were a momma, I would adore it!

All I had to do was prepare the backdrop!
I printed out the words "I Love You Because", each letter on one sheet of paper and hung it to the backdrop.

During Writer's Workshop, we brainstormed reasons we love our mother's.
Each student got a whiteboard and marker and wrote down their personal reason.

We loaded up and headed down the hall where I took each of their pictures!
I know I won't be receiving one but I am darn sure excited to send them home with my firsties for delivery on  Friday!!!

1 comment:

  1. Amazing idea! I also love the goofy glasses and things they can wear for the photo. Makes it feel like a funny photo booth.