May 7, 2015

Prepositions and Plants

Prepositions and plants, plants and prepositions!
Just a little of what we've been studying...along with alliterations (hence this posts' title).

So, prepositions in 1st grade has this teacher like......

Can't we just focus on nouns/verbs/adjectives!?!?

As I'm chugging along teaching prepositions, I know I had to make learning about these "words" more interesting...enter craft time! I incorporated a template for a butterfly I found on Pinterest (duh!) and turned it into our "Preposition Pals"!

They accompany our plants in the window well!

Speaking of plants, we have been knocking learning about them out of the park!

Once we knew exactly how to take care of them and what their needs were, it was time to plant!

We take time out of our day to observe the changes and record them in our observation log. 

They come in with excitement to check their plant each morning! Here is where we record our findings.

You can find it in my TpT store.

Don't forget to snag 2 FREEBIES for your plant unit {HERE}!

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