June 25, 2015

TPT Challenge: Dare to Dream

Who doesn't like to dream about what if's in hopes of turning them into could be's. 

In this week's TpT Seller Challenge that's exactly what our challenge was to do. 

As a seller on TpT, I use the funds that come in from selling my products to purchase more products or buy things I need for my classroom. If I had the opportunity to use more funds from my sales here is what I would dream to do:

Work Part Time
Once I have kids, I would like to opportunity to raise them in a home cultivated in love. I know this could be done as a working parent, but I want to be able to experience the joys and sorrows of my children. If that requires me to work part time or to stay at home a few years, I would love the chance to do that.

Let's put it this way, my eye sight is horrendous. 
I hate wearing glasses.
I hate wearing contacts.
I hate putting drops in my eyes.
So if I had the extra money to use to get me some 20-20, I'd jump right on that train!

My husband and I love to travel. We have been all over the caribbean.
I, however, would love to explore other places in the world. 
Here are a few on my bucket list:
Alaska (re-visit)
Swiss Alps

Give Back
I grew up watching my parents give and in turn, we were always blessed.
If I had extra money I would love to be able to help others out in need or find a special cause to contribute to and make a difference. 


If you haven't got in on the challenge yet, join up!


  1. Girl, I hear you on the lasik! I would love to have that done down the road as well!! LOVE your travel list! Dream big! :)

    Kayla of My Special Learners

  2. I LOVE your list! I was so blessed to be able to stay at home with my kids when they were little. Having something like this would have helped so much!!! I, too, love to travel and LOVE your travel list! Best of luck!

    Becky from CookingUpSuccess

  3. Girl, your travel list is right up my alley! The Maldives and Dubai look incredible!!
    Munchkins Inc.

  4. I would love to be able to stay home with my future kids too! Your travel list looks amazing!!

    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  5. We could totally be teaching buddies!! Our dreams are so similar and we are both first grade teachers in Texas!! Yay
    Kickin' It With Class

  6. What a great list of goals! I also have the goal of being able to stay home with my kids one day, whether that be working from home, part time or just making it work. It would be such a wonderful opportunity. And your travel list looks awesome. I really hope TPT helps these dreams come true for you.

    Lattes and Lunchrooms

  7. I had LASIK and I love it! I hope all your dreams come true.

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