June 24, 2015

Work It Wednesday: Vacation Planning

The one thing I may have been excited about when school let out was getting to go to the gym first thing in the morning! 

I have been so good this summer that I know if I don't plan my workouts before we leave for vacation, even though my intentions are good, I may not work out much on vacation!

That is exactly why this is what went in my suitcase first....

Yesterday I sat down and planned out 6 days of workouts for vacation next week.
Despite my husband's concern, I WILL be packing 8 pound weights!

I took a cardio workout and paired it with a total body toning, arm, or leg workout for each day!

I found these workouts from Tone It Up!

My goal is to get up, eat and do my planned workout before we hit the beach each day.

How are you working on making yourself better this summer? Don't forget to link up with
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