August 16, 2015

Numbering Your Kiddos: A Time Saving Tool

As a teacher it sometimes seems overwhelming with all that we have to keep up with!

I wanted to share with you one system I have put into place to help my classroom run a little more smoothly.
Each year I take my roster and assign a specific number to each student.
I deem this as their "magic number" and it sticks with them the entire year.

I tend to put numbers on many things in my classroom.

Not only does this make ordering things such as papers, grades etc. easier, it also makes my beginning of year prep easier! It is a great time saver for me when I am getting things set for the start of school.

When you write numbers on things instead of students names, many of these things become reusable for the next year!!! 

Here are a few of the things I choose to put numbers on instead of student names:

Book Boxes

Classroom Job Chart

Student Mailboxes 

Dismissal Card Holder

If you don't already assign each student a number, it's a really simple thing to do.
Try it out this year, I guarantee it will save you time in some sort of fashion!


  1. Hi! I love your helper managment system and plan on using it. I was wondering the details of how you use the security guard, sub, and vacation jobs. Thank you and have a great year=)

    1. The Securith Guard answered the door. The Sub fills in and does the the jobs of absent students. The vacation means just that...they are on vacation (no job for the week)! Hope this helps!