August 4, 2015

What Books Do I Use for the First Weeks?

The first 2 weeks of school are probably some of the most important days of the entire school year. 
They are days when you create a positive environment.
They are days when you form a class family.
They are days when you teach the rules and procedures.
They are days when you set the foundation for the year.

Many of the things I mentioned above are taught with books.
I wanted to share with you the lessons and ideas I use along with the books I use in the first 2 weeks.

Let's start off with a few of the books I use week 1.
We also read a few math related books the first week. 
Next up are books I use to teach rules and appropriate behaviors.
Week 2 is all about fariytales. Here are the ones I select to discuss.

I honestly hopes this bring life to some ideas for your first week.
I would love to answer any questions you have about activities or read alouds!
Happy planning!

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  1. Love this post! Thanks for sharing the books you use and the ideas for each one. I look forward to revisiting this post as I begin to plan for the new year. :)