January 19, 2016

A Game of Contraction Toss

Who's kids love to get up and moving?
I know mine do and boy do they need it. We require them to sit, listen, be quiet, whisper.
Lord knows sometimes it's okay to make a little noise when learning!

We have been tuned into contractions the past few weeks. 
Here is a fun way to review or even assess your students.

Prep is easy: paper, marker and something to throw (we used a bean bag).

Each student had the chance to toss the bean bag onto the paper. 
They were to read their contraction and tell us the two words that made it.
They then chose a friend.

From this activity, I could pretty much tell who my strugglers were.
My other firsties listened intently and helped their friends when needed. 

This game is SUPER versatile and could be used across any content area:
compound words
categorizing nouns/verbs/adjectives
phonics/word families
rhyming words (read and generate)
fact fluency

This may just become a staple game in our classroom!

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