January 7, 2016

January Print and Practice Pages

Living in Texas, getting "snowed in" doesn't happen often ever happen So sometimes I have to pretend like I'm snowed in with the rest of the country on dreary cold (like lows in the 40's) days. That's cold for us folks! On days like these, I like to envision myself sitting at my computer with a cup of coffee starting at the snowfall out the window and creating great products for my kiddos. So instead of "snow days" on occasion we have "ice days".

So while I was iced in a couple of years ago,  I created this little gem and am revisiting it for my own version of "Throwback Thursday"!


his "snowed in" creation features easy printable pages that are great for morning work, independent practice pages or homework during January.

Included in the pack:
Grammar Practice Pages
Noticing Nouns
When It Snows I Can... (verb practice)
Describe that Snowman
Describe that Cocoa
Snowball Nouns and Verbs
Winter Wonderland ABC Order
Snowy Sentence Punctuation

Phonics Practice Pages
Assorted Snowmen (silent E practice)

Reader's Response Pages
Text to Text Connections

Click on the picture below to get a FREE page from the pack!


As always, I like to give my products to my avid blog followers so the first 3 of you to leave a comment with your email address will win the pack for free!

If you don't happen to snag it, find it in my TpT shop!


  1. I would love it! Just what I need! cbradley@bsd124.org

  2. What an awesome addition this would make! LOVE it!

  3. As always, a day late and a dollar short;). Thyordan@aol.com