November 1, 2016

Voting in the Classroom Election Freebie

It's election season, even though I'm not exactly thrilled. 
But what I am thrilled about is this FREEBIE I'm sharing with you!

Let's teach our students the importance of voting and give them the opportunity to do so in the classroom.

There are several great books that accompany this freebie. 
Grace for President
My Teacher for President
Duck for President

We read all 3 books throughout the week.
We also learn about the actual presidential election and events that take place to help candidates get elected. 
We talk about all things election: campaigning, registering, ballots, debates, etc.
Some of those things we actually do in the classroom as well.

We madk our campaign posters after reading Grace for President.

We hold our election after Reading Duck for President.

Once student are well aware of the many jobs of the president, we hold an actual class election.

Step 1: hang campaign posters around the room

Step 2: make voter registration cards

Step 3: vote!

Step 4: count votes and make pictograph

Step 5: declare a winner, graph results and tabulate data

We also incorporated writing into this day of fun.
After I was declared the official winner {what can I say--they LOVE me}, we pretended they were chosen as the president!

"I would play with my dog. Sign bills. I would make laws and rules to help people." 

Let me just say that I packed a lot into their little brains and LOTS of it stuck!
Not to mention it is always tons of fun!

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  1. Teaching our students to be good citizens and vote is very challenging this year but I love this little unit! Thank you for sharing!