July 25, 2017

Give Students Choice with Jobs! Now 38 Included!!!

Are you afraid to give up some of your tasks you do in the classroom?
What if I told you, it would save you LOTS of time?
What if I told you it would turn your students into leaders?
What if I told you it would build responsibility in your students?

I've had jobs in my classroom since I started teaching. That haven't always been as great at they are now though! I started with just a door holder and line leader. 2 jobs that changed daily.

Fast forward to now, and each student has a job. The past few years they have held the same job for a week at a time. But this year, I will explicitly teach and model the  jobs and let them apply, yes apply, for the job of their choice. 

I have recently updated all 3 of my job packs to include 38 jobs to fit your classroom needs!

There are 3 styles: 

You can find each of these in my TpT store or by clicking on the image above. 

Here is a glimpse of some of the jobs included:

Remember, there are 38 jobs to choose from.

To learn more and see a description of them all, head on over to my store!

Give your students a sense of pride and leadership this year with classroom jobs!

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