October 29, 2014

Spider Blends

Creepy. Crawly. Spiders.
Or should I say...
Cute. Crawly. Spiders.

Last week we finished up blends in phonics.
So why not craft it up? That's just what we did!

I paired students up and gave them a book. In the book they had to find 8 words that started with an S blend. They wrote them down on the manila sheet before making the spider.

They wrote one on each spider leg.

 Now our hallways is creeping with 's blend' spiders!

October 27, 2014

Fact Family Street

What street do you live on?
This week, we all live on Fact Family Street. 

Each student was given a sticky note with a set of 3 numbers on it.
They then had to create a fact family using the numbers and put it in their house.

This is a great quick and easy way to assess your firsties on fact families!

October 23, 2014

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

When teaching what type of books are fiction and which are non-fiction, my brain always has to stop and think about which is which. 

How come people who name things can't make them easy to remember?
Shouldn't non-fiction be NOT real?
Firsties would catch on SO much quicker that way, but since it's not here's what we've been doing.

We started off by making these 2 anchor charts together.
We sorted the different pictures after discovering the 2 types of books after looking at a pile of each and sorting them according to what, yes, BrainPop had told us to look for.

Each day we focused on a different feature and added it to our non-fiction feature chart.
I would show them examples from a non-fiction book I would read.
Then in partners, they would use a non-fiction book to find a feature in their books.

Last week was Bat Week so we did a little searching through non-fiction books about bats to record what we had learned from the features in the book.

Teaching non-fiction is definitely one of my most favorite things!
The kids are always so engaged and proud when they learn lots of facts about one certain thing.

Next up, pumpkins!

October 22, 2014

Was That a Question??

Where to use it?
When to use it?
That is the question...

So, we have been constantly working on recognizing and writing questions. 
To help us recognize questions when reading, we have been writing down the "question words" we come across in books on this question mark shaped anchor chart.

The better we got at recognizing questions, we started writing them.
Each day I chose a question word off of our chart and had each student come up with a question using the question word and write it on a white board.

We shared all of our questions with each other.

And we are almost question writing pros by now!

October 19, 2014

Where Have I Been?

It's October.
And I feel like I've been doing everything but blogging!

Spending time with this guy.

And this one too.

Bonding with my teammates.

But I'm ready to get back to sharing my ideas and what's been going on at school with me and my firsties!