November 28, 2016

Learning through Literacy: December

I love teaching in October, but December runs a very close first place!
Did I just say December?
This year is flying by, said no teacher ever. But really, it is!

Each month, I use these easy to prep and explain activities to review previously taught skills as centers or stations for my students. 

They always include some type of the following activites:
phonics -- word study -- grammar -- writing -- sight words

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November 3, 2016

Time to Talk Turkey!

Good grief...when did November get here? 
 After reminiscing through all my November activities on Pinterest for planning today, I've decided to put them altogether in one post to help ease your November teaching needs! 

Who loves all things turkey?
Phonics with Turkeys
Reading with Turkeys
Grammar with Turkeys
Math with Turkeys
Writing with Turkeys
YES to the turkey!

I came across this template several years ago from The First Grade Parade.
We add feathers each year to our turkey depending upon which phonetic skill we are working with.
The past 2 years they have been 'blend turkeys' and 'digraph turkeys'.

I just love running across cute ideas from other teacher bloggers.
This one comes from Reagan.
We've been talking about verbs so this activity fit perfect into our week.
We read Run Turkey Run and recorded turkey verbs.
Student then chose a verb and created a sentence to mirror that of the title.
"Fly Turkey Fly"
"Snap Turkey Snap"

We always review our knowledge of fact families by making fact family turkeys.
Some years I give my kids the 3 numbers to work with and others I let them generate their own.
It depends on my group from year to year.
I have them write the 3 numbers on the turkey head and the feathers are the facts.

This precious idea comes from Around the Kampfire.
What kid doesn't love THE Pigeon!?!?
Students have to try to persuade others why they should eat hot dogs instead of turkey for Thanksgiving! 

Alliterations are SO much fun! 
What we do is brainstorm words that start with the letter 'T' and record them on our 'turkey words' chart.
Then I have students make their turkey and name him/her.
They pick 4 words from our chart and write an alliteration sentence about their turkey!

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Happy November!

November 1, 2016

Voting in the Classroom Election Freebie

It's election season, even though I'm not exactly thrilled. 
But what I am thrilled about is this FREEBIE I'm sharing with you!

Let's teach our students the importance of voting and give them the opportunity to do so in the classroom.

There are several great books that accompany this freebie. 
Grace for President
My Teacher for President
Duck for President

We read all 3 books throughout the week.
We also learn about the actual presidential election and events that take place to help candidates get elected. 
We talk about all things election: campaigning, registering, ballots, debates, etc.
Some of those things we actually do in the classroom as well.

We madk our campaign posters after reading Grace for President.

We hold our election after Reading Duck for President.

Once student are well aware of the many jobs of the president, we hold an actual class election.

Step 1: hang campaign posters around the room

Step 2: make voter registration cards

Step 3: vote!

Step 4: count votes and make pictograph

Step 5: declare a winner, graph results and tabulate data

We also incorporated writing into this day of fun.
After I was declared the official winner {what can I say--they LOVE me}, we pretended they were chosen as the president!

"I would play with my dog. Sign bills. I would make laws and rules to help people." 

Let me just say that I packed a lot into their little brains and LOTS of it stuck!
Not to mention it is always tons of fun!

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