March 23, 2013

A {late} St. Patrick's Day and Giveaway Reminder!

One of my pet peeves is people who are late. Well, today I am totally being a hypocrite! We were out on spring break during St. Patrick's day so we did a celebrating fashionably late last week. Here is our celebration in pictures!

We just got finished talking about Texas and all of our symbols, so the kids knew exactly what I meant when we talked about symbols from Ireland. We really focused on the clover or shamrock and its symbolism: luck. They thought of ways they are lucky (I don't believe in luck so I would say...blessed!).

We also began our poetry unit before spring break. This week we focused on writing color poems. I had them each write their own, and we completed a rainbow color poem together on Friday.

 It was a fairly simple poem to write that followed this pattern: Rainbows are a red as... (and continued through each color).
 We had a very colorful week back! Now it's a foot race to the end!

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