March 10, 2013

Texas, Our Texas + 2 FREEBIES!

We finished off this week with a BANG...literally, that's what I felt like doing at times (firing a gun in the air, that is) to get their dang ol' attention!! Can you say nightmare...that's how Friday felt! You would have thought with 5 students being out (how I would like to take yet another day off for Spring Break) the day would roll a little smoother...hahaha! No.Way.  I would like to journey back to happier times we had this past week learning more about our great state of Texas.

We used my Yeehaw! A Texas Rodeo Unit this week and put the finishing touches on our All About Texas book. In my last post {here} I talked about how we completed this book and vowed to show you a picture of our it is folks!

This week we started learning all about poetry. A very easy template to follow I use to introduce our first poetry is our 5W Poem. It's simple: answer these 5 questions....Who? What? Where? When? Why?  We started off the week writing one about our school, then moved to writing one about me, and the first one they practiced on their own was an All About Me 5W. I was slightly impressed (according to my track record in writing). We brainstormed rodeo words and then they wrote their own 5W Rodeo Poems to complete our first poem of our poetry series.  Here is the first freebie for you: the template we used for our All About Me 5W poem.
Our grammar skill this 6 weeks is adjectives.  We started our study of them this week and completed this activity after talking about them for a few days.
We colored our cowboy or cowgirl boot then used 3 adjectives (written on mini sticky notes) to describe our boot. LOVE this activity! It makes our hallway so bright!

We did a little comparing and contrasting with 2 stories this week. Most of my kids knew the story of Cinderella.  I had them retell the story out loud for those who didn't. So we compared it with this laugh out loud story: Bubba the Cowboy Prince---a MUST read!

We compared the 2 stories in a Venn Diagram boot and made it look a little fancy-shmancy!

And on Friday, oh Friday, we had our Rodeo day, dressed up in our best western duds, and made our state dish....CHILI!!! By this point in the day I was. D.O.N.E. (so no pictures). You will just have to take my word that is was good!
We described our chili using adjectives, which is my next freebie for you!
If you haven't checked out my Texas unit, it's for sale in my TpT shop and has been selling great! Plus, what's better than just being able to print it all out and copy?!
Happy Spring Break!



  1. I would love to have a copy of the boot Venn diagram and the writing paper you used for the Rodeo poem. Where can I find those? Thanks! Judi Davis

    1. It's something that was passed down to me from another teacher when I came to my school, sorry!