March 5, 2013

Inspiring Inventors {FREEBIE}

The countdown for Spring Break has definitely been on for awhile now! We are down to 3 days...and counting of course. I know I'm *jinxing* myself even saying this, but my kiddos have been gosh.darn.good these past 2 weeks. I guess they aren't as anxious as I am?? I plan on doing lots of relaxing while I'm off so I'm already planning for when we come back.

Our story from our basal reader covers an illustrated non-fiction version of Ben Franklin, so I thought what better time to talk about inventions and inventors than now! I figured covering 3 basic BIG-time inventors would spark their interest.

I created this {FREEBIE} packet to go along with my lessons.

It includes a graphic organizer (circle thinking map) and a 3 Facts and a Fib sheet to go along with each inventor.

I have done 3 Facts and a Fib for MLK, President's Day, and now Inventors. If you've never heard of it, your students just write 3 facts and then come up with 1 fib about the person. Of course, I have a group of sillies and they like to come up with CRA-ZZZ fibs. For example: "Abraham Lincoln died being attacked by a dinosaur."  This is their time to use their creative little minds!
If your school, or you, have a subscription to Brainpop, they have a short video for each inventor on their website:

If you click on the pictures above, they will take you straight to my TpT store where you can download this Inspiring Inventors unit for FREE! Enjoy friends : )


  1. Didn't realize how close Spring Break really is!!! What is wrong with me!?! Thanks for making my day!
    LOVE your blog, happy to be your newest follower! :)

    Elementary My Dear

  2. Love this. Thanks so much! We are learning about inventors right now as well. I am working on a few freebies too. I am your newest follower.

    Thirsty Firsties

  3. I love the inventors freebie! I bookmarked it on my wishlist for when we study inventors next year. Helpful tip about Brainpop too - I didn't know that they had a page for each inventor.