June 2, 2013

Currently in June

Can you believe it? A summer month is finally here and it even feels like summer already here in Texas! Can I get a *Hallelujah* {Even though we still have 4 more days}. As always, I'm linking up with Farley for her currently linky party...and you should too!
Listening: I always leave everything to do until the weekends (chores wise that is). So hence why I am listening to the washer and dryer!
Loving: Don't get me wrong...we have some amazing teachers at my school but the past 2 years I really haven't "connected" with anyone on a deep personal level. You know those teacher relationships you just couldn't do without? Yeah, I've been longing for one and I think my prayers have been answered. There are 2 new hires who are around my age and in the same stage of life where I am and I couldn't be more excited to get to know them!
Thinking: Last weekend, I was sick. I thought it had completely disappeared until this morning I woke up with a swollen feeling throat. Made my husband look at it and it wasn't good news. Our awards are tomorrow, so I have my fingers crossed that I will be better tomorrow and still have a voice!
Wanting: We went on a camping adventure this week in class and Friday we made s'mores. Of course, I've had them before, but I had no idea (or at least I didn't remember) they were that good! I brought the leftovers home and have been craving another ever since!
Needing: Refer back to listening....
3 Vacay Essentials: 1. Beach--I love to visit tropical places and just relax in the sun on a lounge chair listening to the waves crash...ahhh!  2. Alcohol--what is a vacation without a few adult beverages while you are on the beach!?  3. Good company--I think it is always much more fun to go on vacation with other people as it brings lots of memories to talk about for years!
This post made me realize just how excited I am about being on summer vacation in 4 days!!!!! Hope you are enjoying your countdown for those of you still in school and for those of you who are already off...lucky you!



  1. Sunday chores.... aaaaaaagh. They KILL me!! So glad your school hired new people that are around your age - I definitely agree that that connection makes life a LOT better! I'm also LOVING LOVING LOVING your vacay essentials. I put bikini simply because I HAVE to be by water... and a beach is perfect. Hope you find some time to clean your house - I had to just knock it out and now I'm relaxing and blog stalking :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  2. Glad I found your blog through the Currently! I'm listening to my dryer as well! Haha...!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  3. I myself wish I had more teachers my age at my school! Looks like 2 my age might be coming in next year and I'm pumped! I just recently made s'mores this weekend with my hubby and friends from church and have leftovers! You made me want a s'mores snack too!! Enjoy awards day tomorrow!

  4. I agree, good company is needed for a great vacation along with a few adult beverages. Having both of those plus sitting on the beach sounds perfect to me :)

    ~Diving Into Learning

  5. My washer and dryer are both going right now too! I haven't had s'mores in a long time. Sounds like a good excuse to have some now! Good luck with your awards!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  6. I just started following your blog, and I'm loving it so far. Next year will be my first year in first grade, so your blog archives are on my "must read" list for summer! Blog stalking first grade teachers is my way of preparing :-)
    Your fellow TX teacher,

  7. Girl, I feel your pain on being the only young teacher. That was me last year. I was SO blessed this year with two teacher friends around my age. You will LOVE working with someone you can connect with on a friendship level too.

    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith