June 27, 2013

Throwback Thursday {Alliterations}

I've been blogging now for {almost} 1 year and think it's a perfect time to link up with Cara Carroll at The First Grade Parade for a little Throwback Thursday!!
 Today I'm visiting a post from April 2013 inspired by...you guessed it...Cara! When studying Poetry this year, we spent a week learning Alliterations. This was --by far-- my students favorite type of poetry. They ate it right up! Take a look at our learning below!
This pass week we focused on alliterations. These, by far, have been my kiddos favorites. I shared some well know alliterations {more like tongue twisters for me since our writing block is at the end of the day when my brain is fried} like "Peter Piper....." and "Sally sells sea shells....".  Of course they had heard of them before but had no idea they go by the big, bad name of alliterations.
Here are a few activities we had fun with this week:
We have been learning about adjectives the past six weeks, so this activity from the amazing Cara Carroll, fit perfectly into our plans! Read her post about alliterations {HERE}. Each students came up with an adjective that described them and started with the first letter of their name. Some needed assistance from their peers (who described some of them well...needless to say) and a few came up with theirs on their own.
My friend Seth, who says he is selfish, needed a little less than 3 seconds to think of his. Seth is selfish.  Then asks the question "Mrs. Griffith, what does selfish mean?" My answer: "Selfish is when you don't care about anyone but yourself." Seth's reply: "Oh, well that doesn't describe me at all.  But I still like the word!" Needless to say, that's what we wrote on the chart!
Here are a few alliterations put into artwork.

Another day, I put some magnetic letters in a paper bag and had each student pick a letter. I told them that with this letter, they had to make an alliteration sentence using at least 5 words that started with the letter they picked. Here are a few pieces of their work:

"Larry lobster loves lattice and lickerish."
"Allgader Alley like Allyson allgader and Allyson allgader like apples."
I wanted to leave you with a few good reads for teaching alliteration to your students.

Head on over and link up! Can't wait to see some great posts I may have missed!



  1. Oh what a great post! Thanks for sharing your activities, which I plan on using AND the awesome books that will tie into teaching alliteration.

  2. Cute ideas! Thanks for the book recommendations. I was actually looking for some alliteration books on Friday!

    Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes