December 27, 2013

13 in '13!

I'm so excited to join Hadar, Kristen, and Traci in this fun {annual} linky party!
Be sure to grab the button and link up at any of their blogs!
 In one word...LEGGINGS!
The most comfortable form of clothing on Earth.
Whether they are fleece lined, printed, or just plain they are none the less amazing!

 What can I say.
Not much of a movie buff.
I like my comedies and dramas, but unless they are a classic, I really don't remember much of them!

 The hubs and I don't have too many shows that we follow, but when we absolutely laugh our butts off to is...
 I. Love. Food.
This place has every type of food, drink, and dessert you can imagine.
Hands down best ever!
Scuba diving.
One word...HATE!
Didn't even make it through the classes.
I will stick with snorkeling. Thanks!
 Worth EVERY penny and my feet's new best friends!
 Well since I've pinned 3,625 things...this may be a hard choice.
For School:
For Home:
For Fun:
I'm very proud of the hard work I have put into my classroom and I love to share those ideas with others. Here is a post taking you on a tour of my room!
I made a freebie {HERE} that made the TpT Newsletter back in September!
Proud blogger moment!
 Both my best friend and sister in law were pregnant this year and recently both had healthy baby girls!

To root  myself deeper in Christ.
What a FUN way to take a stroll down the memory lane of 2013!


  1. Great recap. Hope your 2014 is wonderful as well!

    ~Lucy Kids Math Teacher

  2. OMG! I'm a really strong swimmer and absolutely refuse to do any scuba diving. It's super scary to me. Ha! I'm sticking to snorkeling too! I pinned the marking pen thingy too but it didn't work for me. :( Getting to be in the TPT newsletter is big time! Congrats! Enjoyed your post!