December 10, 2013

Elfin' It Up

Nothing is more fun than the fun you can have with Christmas traditions!
One I started in my class 2 years ago was having an elf come visit. So I am more than excited to link up and share my elf ideas.
Our elf, Ollie, comes to visit each day {when the children are good of course}. He leaves us a note which reminds us about things we can easily forget this time of year such as manners, helping others, etc.
Here are some of his antics from last week:
He made his appearance encouraging us to be great readers!

We were so great the first day, he gave us a compliment and brownie point! 

He decided to get stuck in our "stuck on a word strategies" wall and literally needed help!

After spending the day stuck, he was awfully tired and napped all day long.
On Friday, he left us a surprise on our tree. What a mischievous little thing!
Don't forget to link up and share your elf ideas each Sunday!

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