December 15, 2013

Dear Santa,

There's no more perfect time for a letter writing unit than in December.
Who wouldn't want to learn how to write letters in order to send one to the jolliest man of all?!

After reading books with letters, bringing in examples, learning/labeling the important parts of a letter and writing some class examples together, it was time to write our very first "official" letter.

We talked about the importance of asking and not telling when we were brainstorming the sequence of our letter. In their letter they had to include 3 things: something nice to say, something they need, and something they want. They also had to tell why they needed/wanted what they were asking for.

We wrote our rough drafts on day 1 after brainstorming ideas above.
"This year I need underwear."

On day 2 we added our "because statements" and copied it onto our final draft.

Once all of our friends were finished, I put them inside this envelope and we sent them down to the office to be mailed out to the jolly old man.

And because Santa is such a jolly old guy, he will write letters back to each and every one of your kids!
This is the BEST part of the whole process.

The joy is unimaginable. I wish I could share pictures of their faces and comments from the past.
After they each get their letter, we sit in a circle and if they can read their letter they do, if not I help them out.

You can find my Letters to Santa pack in my TpT store by clicking on the product image below!

It includes 25 editable letters you can personalize to each student. 
The majority of the letters are typed...all you have to do is add each student's name!

Spread the joy and magic of Christmas to your students!


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