June 7, 2014

Five for Friday {a day late}

 I absolutely fell in love with this EOY bucket idea when I saw in on Reagan's blog.
My kids about DIED when they got to see what was inside them after our awards.
Total hit!

My pretty little planning baby came in the mail this week.
Confession: I may have already went through and wrote in the dates.
If you need some convincing on purchasing this planner see my blog post about it from last year HERE.

School's out for summer.

But we can still celebrate, right!?

2 hours later.....(see picture above)....a few members from my team went out on the boat to celebrate a beyond FaBuLoUs year together!

One goal I have for this summer is to completely reorganize my storage cabinets to look like this (partner's room). I've received over $150 to Target from my sweet kiddos this year so I am going to go stock up on some tubs!

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