June 27, 2014

Oh Summer...Five for Friday

Oh summer.
How are you slipping away so fast?
So fast that I have dearly neglected this sweet little blog and my followers as I'm wrapped up in all of your goodness {which I am VERY sorry by the way}. 
Here's to my start of summer blogging!

I've actually created 2, yes only 2, products.
They are pre-made cards for your word wall. 
I will do a post on them soon. Until them check them out in my store {here} and {here}.

I went and bought a new devotional to read each morning by Beth Moore. 
If you have never listened or read something by this lady it is a MUST!
This is one thing I love spending more time doing in the summer, with my coffee of course!

My second most favorite (and newest favorite) thing to do is get my fitness on.
I've finally found something that I love to do and it goes by the name of Zumba. 
Makes me feel like a dancing queen!
Plus I feel a lot better because of it.

Yes, I've actually been up to my room twice now.
And thank goodness I did because my cabinets were about to drive me insane!!!
The mess on the left now looks like (almost) perfection on the right. 
Hoping it stays this way most of the year!

One of my projects this summer is to level my library. I am just not having this "I can't pick a book that I can read" crap going on in my room anymore. I want them engaged in the right books!
So....I've found a few places for leveling but I need more.
Suggestions or anything that has worked for you?

Happy Friday!


  1. I love Zumba too - so much fun!

  2. I need some of those organisers to keep the paper in my cupboard tidy and easy to get at! I'll have to find some of them ready for the new year.
    Growing Little Learners

  3. Your blog is so cute! I will have to check out that devotional, I'm looking for a new one. Also, love the cabinet organization, it looks great!

  4. I LOVE Zumba too!! It's the most fun way to trick myself into thinking I'm not working out!! :o) Your organization is impressive!! I hope I can get my storage to look like that when I get back into my classroom in August!
    Happy Summer!
    Munchkins Inc.

  5. you go dance rock star! ;) I look like someone who's being chased by a bee. How I was on drill team, I have no clue! Haha!!