March 12, 2015

ARe you ready fOR phonics?

I just adore teaching phonics!
There is always a way to have a "play on words" when teaching the skills. 

Up this last week was OR and AR.
I found these super fun ideas from a blogger friend Michelle over at Smitten with First.

I introduced the OR sound with my easy-peasy "smORe" chart. 
That had our tummies rumbling, so why not spell words with OReos!

While we didn't have a full fledged Pirate Day, we did practice our pirate voices quite a bit.
My kiddos loved this "Pirates say AR" video (click on picture for link). 
We may have listened to it every day!
We became acquainted with Captain SmARty also as he brought us many AR words on his treasure map.

Head over to Michelle's blog for mORe phonics ideas!


  1. Hi,
    I love reading your blog! I also really like the video! Are you able to watch them at school without ads?

    1. No, haven't figured that out. I normally pull them all up first thing in the morning to avoid all of that though!