March 30, 2015

Inferencing, Phonics and Pancakes....YES, they ALL Go Together!

Who's down for a #foodfriday?
We were all about it in room 118.

In fact, we had been reading a poem about pancakes all week long in preparation!

I stumbled upon this book again recently (oldie, but goodie). 

After rereading it, I knew I had to use it to review making inferences.
If you haven't read this book, it is a wordless picture book. 
Beyond perfect for using those text clues + schema to make inferences!

As I read, I had 4 spots throughout the book where my firsties stopped to record their inferences. 

Once we finished reading, we went back a second time to share our inferences as we read.
It was also fun to have them help me come up with words to the book!

So...who reads a book about making pancakes without actually making them?!?!
Psshhh NOT this teacher.

We broke out the pancake mix, syrup and griddle and went to cooking!

They admired my cooking for a few minutes and then I sent them off to work on yet, another, pancake project while I resumed cooking 30 pancakes!

Searching for words was their task. 
This past nine weeks we taught silent e and bossy r words.
They had to find one word for each pattern.

Once they found all 10 words, they make a short stack of pancakes with their words.

And to top it all off, we ate these heavenly puppies right up!

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