March 3, 2015

How Many Feet Will You Meet?

How are feet and antonyms alike?

To find out, we take a look at this Dr. Seuss book.
Left foot, right foot.
Wet foot, dry foot.
Low foot, high foot.
Are you catching my drift? This book is a fabulous introduction for teaching antonyms!

After reading, we make a class anchor chart for antonyms.

We take it a *step* further (pun IS intended) by tracing our feet.

Each pair of feet will have a pair of antonyms.

Then we make a second anchor chart with all of our antonym feet!

And that is how antonym are like feet!

1 comment:

  1. Love this! Thanks for a fabulous idea! (Unfortunately, I'll have to use it NEXT week as we are in the midst of ANOTHER winter storm, 9 inches expected on top of the rain and then sleet we already received. Boo! This makes our ninth snow day!) I never thought of using The Foot Book to teach antonyms. My kids will LOVE it! Thanks again.