September 18, 2015

Five For Friday

Now that I've got 4 weeks under my belt and I'm back in my routine, I feel like I should take a few minutes to update you on where I've been. I always think the last few weeks of school are the most exhausting and then I remember just how tiring the first few weeks are! 

After spending the first week going over the rules, I always like to put together a class promise. 
Seems like kids are always making promises, so why not make one to our classmates too!
We write it together and "sign" the bottom.
It's something I hang in the class until the last day!

I really feel like the queen of anchor charts sometimes!
Here are the charts we are currently going over (minus our 4 phonics ones). 
If you want to know more about how I use charts, here's a post for you!

Instead of using the infamous "shoe" lesson on how to pick books, I used shirts instead.
Total success!!!

With all the tragedy going on with our law enforcement, we decided to pay tribute to them.
We had our students make cards and we put together a sign.
Our officers for our district were invited out and we paid our thanks to them!

I severely struggle with my weekly outfits.
I normally have something in mind but end up changing at the last minute, more than once!
I'm always pulling into school RIGHT on time.
So on Sunday's, I am going to plan each day's outfit, try them on, and make sure all is good!


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