September 28, 2015

It's Fall in the Hall

One thing I love to do whether it's at home, in the classroom, or school hall is decorate!
And tis' the season for adding a little touch of pumpkin to every aspect of life.
It may not quite be October yet, but last week we broke out the pumpkins and got down to business.

I'm sure you can tell by the picture below what we have been studying, grammar wise.

We've been practicing sorting nouns into categories of person/place/thing.

One activity we did this week was illustrate our own nouns.
Each day I gave them the category: person, place or thing.
They came up with their own idea, illustrated it and wrote the word for it.
We put them on the big green chart. Now we have 20 people, places and things to refer to. 

Here's a close up look of our noun pumpkins.
They had to search through magazines to find pictures of 4 people, places and things. 
They turn out super cute and gave our hallway just the right amount of  "fallish" feel! 

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